We do purchase of all plastic elements (pipes, profiles, parts of the auto industry, bottles, packaging, plastic furniture, scrap of PVC joinery, technical plastics, foils, etc.)

Criteria for the formation of purchase price

Unacceptable or very low purchase price Lower purchase price Higher purchase price
Cleanliness Mixed with dirt (mud, sand, remains of other materials) Partially contaminated Pure
Dryness Wet Moist Dry
Method of storage (up to delivering the recycling center) In the open air (dirty or partially degraded) Inadequately covered in the open air Indoors
Type of packaging Not prepared In boxes, containers, on pallets or bales inappropriate size and weight Properly packaged or baled in boxes, bales or containers appropriate dimensions and weight
Is it sorted? A mixture of different types of plastic or plastic mixed with Other waste streams. Impractical for sorting. Dominating one type of plastic, but there are remnants of other types of plastic or other materials. Sorting is possible. One type of plastic residues without other types of plastics or other materials.
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